Experiencing slam poetry

Nothing came to my mind when I heard those words, I wondered: what is it going to be about? Are we going to write poems and then read them in the class? And with these questions came almost all the…


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How to setup Selenium Java with Gradle minimum dependencies

Let’s learn how to setup Selenium Java with Gradle minimum dependencies needed.

We will create a new project from scratch using only Gradle Build Tool.

First we need to create a project directory, eg gradle-selenium-java:

Next we need to change directory to the newly created one:

Now we should use Gradle init command to generate a project:

Now we need to answer couple of questions. Choose basic project type:

Choose Groovy to build a DSL script:

Type a project name or use a default option:

Default build.gradle file generated by the Gradle basic init task is empty and should look like this:

To create a Selenium Java build.gradle file with the minimum dependencies we will replace it with the following code:

Test scenario is really simple:

First we should create Java test package directory:

Now we can create our test class file:

And add following Java code:

Please keep in mind that to run the test resources directory should be created:

and chromedriver file should be copied to the resources directory.

To run the test we should use command:

or ./gradlew clean test in case of using Windows.

Successful test output example:

Gradle HTML report could be find in:

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