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What does it take to be a creative? Do you need a degree or not?

Josh Dykgraaf is an accomplished freelance designer/illustrator/artist who specialises in photographic manipulation. Originally trained as a photographer and graphic designer, his work focuses on exploring sense of place and visual identity by manipulating images he shoots into other forms, mixing textures from the built and natural landscapes. He’s been working as a full time freelance illustrator since 2012 and recently completed a couple solo art exhibitions in Melbourne Australia.

We talk about the ups and downs of being a freelance creative and if it is worth all of the trouble, why it is important to have multiple revenue streams and if you need a degree to be a successful creative.

Part 1:

Part 2:

One thing I learnt that I wish I had realised while at college / university was about Josh’s advice to turn each assessment into something you actually wanted to work on. This is brilliant and I recommend any student to take that and run with it.

Have an idea you are passionate about? Find a way to make it fit as a piece of assessment, at least then, you will not only get a good grade, cause you are working on something you care about, but you might be able to use the end result for something other than your schooling.

And it is important to use the time to experiment the many facets of your creative selves. Because I agree with Josh, the thing that most regularly results in success is hard work and determination, not just raw talent.

Thanks again for tuning in. I’m just your average creative and I will see you next time!

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