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Experiencing slam poetry

Nothing came to my mind when I heard those words, I wondered: what is it going to be about? Are we going to write poems and then read them in the class? And with these questions came almost all the insecurities I have when I speak English and related feelings, when I have to express myself in public, and I thought: I do not like the way I speak in English, what am I going to do? What if I get wrong? I know they probably will not laugh but I am sure that my face will get red like a tomato. A lot of questions and thoughts came to my mind, then they became worse with the examples and videos the professor implied to explain to us the activity.
The purpose of slam poetry was to be a tool for people to express themselves in a different way, at least from what I was used to. Due to my idea of the word “poetry,” I though on the one all people know, the one which is written in prose and usually read in a soft or romantic way, and is read more often in low voice than in a high volume. Then, was “slam” which I did not have any idea of its meaning, but I heard one of the two words on a movie, and when I remembered that scene I could imagine how the activity was going to be. The scene took place at a university and the students were performing at a coffee bar, in a very loud voice and they talked about topics such as death. Maybe, the idea was to express people’s feelings using poetic words to try to put their concerns away.
Now, going back to what refers to the class and the assignment, for me, one of the most difficult parts of the slam poetry exercise was to record my voice for the video. I could get along easily on the writing part, once I have the ideas and in this case the feelings. I felt more comfortable while putting into words my thoughts.
The second step of the activity was to record our own voices. One of the biggest problems I have with this is that I do not like how my voice sounds on recordings and less my pronunciation. The other thing is that I get wrong a lot while recording: I get distracted, I mispronounce, and I omit and add words to the sentences. If everything goes well, I listen to the audios a couple of times to check “rhythm”. Then I think of how it is going to be when other people listen to the whole product.
Despite all I mentioned before, it was a good experience at the end because the poem allowed me to express some things I did not was able to say to anybody but myself, that was one of the main reasons to just keep to myself those words. I assumed the activity like a way to talk to my inner being and not just to let my thoughts in my mind. It was a different way to try to take some bad things out of my head. Besides what it refers to my case, in the classroom I could know more aspects of my mates, I really enjoyed listening to what they wanted to say. Some poems were so powerful that I could say that I felt what they wanted to transmit, and I felt their sadness as well. That day, I went out of the classroom with a different perspective of my classmates and knowing some things I did not imagine they felt and though.

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