Some thoughts before turning 30

The former is what we need to deal with to live like making money, commuting to work, doing taxes whilst chosen bullshit is engaging in arguments online, social media, spending time with toxic people…


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What you say is usually not as important as how you say it #MLJ04

This article is part of a personal project — My Learning Journey #MLJ. In this series, I will initially share my existing thoughts on a topic, research on it, then write a better enlightened opinion on the same topic afterwards. My goal for this project is to identify, measure and close the gaps in my knowledge, and possibly tug on the edges of my bounded rationality.

Please understand that the initial posts could be random and are unedited.

Communication refers to the mode by which we interact with one another. It involves the oral, written, gestures and vibes we send out to others. Communication impacts directly on almost every aspect of our lives — how we are perceived by others, collaboration and cooperation we get from others, the satisfaction we receive from our relationships, etc.

Studies show that the vast majority of communication is non-verbal — i.e. those involving body posture, facial expression, gesticulation — while our exact vocabulary counts far less in conveying our messages to others.

Some thoughts about communication:

Effective communication goes beyond conveying the right message. Its effectiveness lies in the recipient decoding the intended message — and while we know that our vocabulary does not count as much in conveying the message, we should endeavor to improve our chances of effective communication by eliminating any form of ambiguity in our choice of words. Lucid vocabulary makes communication much easier — as language seems to affect emotion, which in turn affects body language, facial expression and other non-verbal cues in communication.

Let your Yes be yes, and No be no.

In effective communication, each party should be allowed to express themselves and give feedback as appropriate to ensure that there is no information missing in transit. By listening attentively, you give the other party the chance to clarify the message received.

Question — Any practical tips to improving communication skills? Feel free to drop a comment.

Now, I will do research on communication, try to answer this question and share my thoughts again in a subsequent post.

Thanks for reading :)

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